Staying Motivated

Set realistic goals

It is better to set targets you know you can achieve rather than setting yourself a target that is difficult to reach. Failing to achieve your goals will leave you with a lack of motivation and confidence. Keep one goal in mind but make sure you set yourself lots of little ones along the way. Don't set your sights on a marathon if you can only fit in one gym session a week. Have realistic expectations about what you can achieve based on how much exercise you can fit in.

Set goals that are meaningful to you

It could be as simple as being able to run up a flight of stairs at your home or compete in an iron man competition. Make it personal.

Overcome previous obstacles

Write down a list of the reasons why you failed to stick to an exercise programme in the past. From there, you can start to plan strategies to overcome these obstacles. One example could be, if you are too tired to exercise after work, try to fit in a workout in the morning.

Don't be too hard on yourself

Making improvements to your health and fitness is a long term commitment, so try not to get too disheartened when you lapse occasionally.

Make exercise fun

Exercising with a partner will help you stay motivated on days you don't feel like going to the gym, plus you may be more likely to stick to your schedule than if you exercise alone.

Exercise smart, not longer

If you find exercise boring, you will be pleased to know you don't need to spend hours in the gym to see improvements. It is possible to limit your visit to an hour (including changing time) and still see a difference. Our fitness coaches are on hand to give you advice on time effective workouts.

Keep your perspective

There is no need to become a slave to your exercise programme. If you are exercising to improve your general health, remember to keep a balance. Feeling fitter and healthier will help you to enjoy life, so make sure you enjoy it!

Remember to rest

Ideally, exercise on alternate days. This is to ensure your body recovers, as during this time your body adapts to the demands you place upon it. Exercising too much, too often will increase your chances of injury and slow down your progress.

Get some support

If you have a family or a partner, let them know that you are committing to an exercise programme. They can then support you and reinforce your choices.