Maintaining a Healthy Posture

How you sit and stand says a lot about you. Good posture gives you an air of confidence, makes you look healthier and can even relieve nagging aches and pains by reducing strain on your muscles.

Check out our tips for maintaining a strong, healthy posture.

No slouching

When standing, try to imagine an invisible cord reaching from the top of your head up to the ceiling, gently pulling you straight. This will give you a tall, relaxed posture.

Sit up

It is important not to slump at your desk or when sat on the sofa. Sit on a chair with a firm, low back support, and try to keep the desk or table top at elbow height. Adjust your chair or use a foot rest to keep pressure off the back of the legs.

Give yourself a break

Avoid working on your laptop for long periods of time, and make sure you take plenty of breaks. If you are working on a computer, try to keep the top third of the screen at eye level.

In the driving seat

When driving, make sure your car seat is adjusted to the right position to support your back and prevent any straining.

Sleep tight

Sleep on your side with your knees bent or lie flat on your back without thick pillows under your head.

Engage your core

Try to include some exercises into your routine to develop core strength, such as the plank, side plank, v-sits or Russian Twists holding a medicine ball