Simply Fit’s Top Warm Up Exercises

Warm ups are one of the most important parts of your workout - but you might not exactly look forward to them. Your pre-exercise routine should always include mobility drills, a pulse raiser, and flexibility exercises.

Mobility Exercises

Rotations and dynamic movements prepare the joints for exercise by warming up the synovial fluid. You'll improve range of movement and reduce the risk of strain or injury.

Neck rolls

The first step to maintaining good posture throughout your workout. Slowly roll your neck clockwise for 30-60 seconds and then change direction. If you're prone to stiffness, repeat this exercise regularly.

Leg swings

Side-to-side and front-to-back - are the easiest way to prepare hip joints for exercise. As adults, we lose flexibility in our hips. Lubricating these joints improves performance and is an essential strength training precaution. Perform 10 in each direction, ensuring that the hip initiates movement.

CV Pulse Raiser

Usually performed on a cardio machine, these exercises warm your muscles, protecting them from shock during the main workout. As your pulse climbs, oxygenated blood is sent throughout your body. Improved circulation and oxygenation helps all of your muscles perform better - including your heart.

Trunk twists

Facing forward with feet hip-width apart, twist the upper body to one side. Keep your hands on your hips to ensure the pelvis remains stationary throughout 10 rotations per side.


Jogging is an easy way to raise your heart rate without fatiguing. Use the cross trainer, which also engages your upper body, or if jogging on a treadmill, swing your arms with control.


It takes a certain level of cycling endurance to warm up on an exercise bike - if you feel the burn in your legs before reaching your target heart rate, switch machines!

Arm circles

Simple but effective, start with small circles moving onto larger circles, this mobilises your shoulder joints and warm the surrounding muscles.


This is one of the best pulse raisers to prepare for any kind of workout. The rower engages your full body, and it's easy to gradually increase your speed throughout the warm up.

Flexibility Exercises

These exercises keep the muscles warm, preparing them for exercise by introducing movements that will be repeated throughout the main workout, reducing the risk of strain.

Walking lunges

Ideal for runners, these improve range of motion and blood flow to the legs.

Squat stands

With hands raised above your head, squat until thighs are parallel to the ground before returning to full height. Your goal is to further improve hip flexion, so don't worry about holding the squat.


If you're hitting the pool for your main cardio workout, begin with a slow front crawl to engage all the major muscle groups. Strokes like the butterfly and backstroke should come after you've thoroughly warmed up.