Simply Spin

Simply Spin classes are group indoor cycling programmes on stationary bikes where you will go through a series of ‘levels’. As a group, you will travel on flat roads, hill climbs, sprints and races, all set to dynamic instruction and music that will keep you focused and energised. All levels of fitness are catered for, from beginner through to advanced group classes for the more experienced cyclist. Even if you haven’t been to a Simply Spin class before, you will be given a full briefing on setting up your bike and what to do during the class.

Reasons why you should come to a Simply Spin class

Lots of fun

Smiley face

Beginner friendly

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Ideal for weight loss

Weight scales

Improves muscle tone

Toned torso

Burn calories


No equipment required

No tools required

Great core workout


Relieves stress


Low impact on bones and joints


Progress at your own pace

Progress circle

You can cycle all year round


Improve cardiovascular health

With kind permission from the Global Cycling Network (GCN)